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The Frozen Sleep Universe is based upon a story idea I have for the far future; a post-apocalyptic future. However, in order to write that story, I needed to create the background; how we got to that point. My original intent with “The First Family” was that it would be a short story; and that the first book would be a collection of short stories. Intentions, so often they mislead us. As I started the story it grew; first into a long story, then a novella and finally a novel.

I have already started work on the second novel in the series “Growing Up Frozen.” That novel will focus on the three children. Question: Just how does a parent discipline a child in a VRE? I intend to have a lot of fun writing the second novel; and it will be a fun read.

At this point I envision at least five novels in this series. Some of the books may be collections of short (or will that be long?) stories. It will depend on where the characters lead me. More than once in “The First Family” I sat down to write a section with a clear plan ahead; only to have the character(s) say or do something that took me down a different, and frequently darker, path.

Will the apocalypse happen? Yes. When? Sometime in the future, but before 2100 (I think). What kind of apocalypse will it be? Well, it won’t be a zombie one; I can promise you that. How will it affect LCs? You will have to wait and see. There is still more tech to be invented and introduced. There are many societal, political and religious issues yet to be discussed. The Frozen Sleep Universe will move forward, and it will be moving fast; so bundle up and climb on board your ski-mobile.

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