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Tales of Frozen Sleep are novels and stories about people that have become Living Cryogenic subjects (LCs).  The first novel in this series "The First Family," deals with the first subjects to experience this process.  The creation of the methods of communication with them; and the work to build them a Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) in which to experience life.  Future novels and stories will deal with the religious, political and societal implications of this technology; and then finally their post-apocalyptic future.  Bundle up and enjoy the ride.

The first novel in this series was released in mid-June of 2019; and I have already started writing the second one.

You may also enjoy another book I have released, "Nautilus: The Lost Empire of Arthur Jones."  It is a biography of Nautilus, as experienced from my viewpoint.  As the youngest son of Arthur Jones (the original owner and inventor of Nautilus) I have the knowledge to reveal what actually happened.  Join me for a wild ride inside a Lost Empire.

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If you have questions about any of my writings, you may contact me via E-mail at wej.tofs@aol.com.  I will not promise to answer all correspondence.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, the photographs on this website were taken by me, and are all Copyright 2019 William Edgar Jones.